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Playoffs S.F. G#3
Thu June 13 , 2002
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Next Match: Mon Jun 17, 2002 19:00 at Juffair Dome


 League Playoffs Finals G#1

June 16, 2002

Manama in the Finals

After a tough series in the semi finals against Hala, Manama managed to find their way to the finals of the national league playoffs. Following the win in game one, Hala came in strong to clinch game two in the dying seconds of the game. However, Manama came out on top at game three, and even though having problems in the first quarter - going down 12-21 - we were able to go on a great run and display some fine basketball in the second quarter, which put us back into the driving seat. Hani was on a great display on the boards, specially in the offense. and Qaheri's last minute free throws sealed the game for us. 
Muharraq on the other side went through some tough experience with the Ahli revolution as they could only manage to win in the last seconds of the decider game 92-91.
Manama lead this season's series against Muharraq 3-1, and we are looking forward to keep the winning side of it coming. Yaqoob might also be fit for the finals, so he's going to add to the team some great boost of morale and hopefully lots of baskets.

June 1, 2002

season review: It's all coming back

After a tough season for the team, collecting a loss after another during the regular season's league, and the disappointing results we got in the GCC Championship, not to mention the setback we had in the Asian Championship this year - a performance that didn't even give us the chance to qualify for next years Tournament. All this plus the loss of the two superstars - Shery and Noohi - due to injury. Putting off the light that we had for a bright future.
The Boys are back to business, Coming back from Malaysia to rock our world, and bring back the form we were all waiting for, the champions form. Manama's first game back in Bahrain was against Muharraq, who accompanied us to Doha for GCC Cup, but they never knew how to stop our players, so the boys never looked behind thrashing Muharraq to a 96-69 (27 pt) deficit, to conclude the regular season in fourth place and advancing to this years playoffs to face league leaders, Hala. 
This was followed by a magnificent display of power and determination in the Cup, as they cruised by Isa Town with a demolishing result (103-42), and later on crushing Hala, in the semifinals, as the opposition went furious and found only flagrant and technical fouls to try stop a team who they already beaten twice this year, not taking into consideration that Manama is now angry and hungry for championships to make up for what they have lost so far this season. Rapping the Cup up in the finals defeating Muharraq for the second time in 15 days and for the third time this season. However the final match was not an easy one as Manama came with unlimited confidence after their back to form display in the few earlier matches, which had a negative effect on the players on court. We went  behind for as much as (25-43) at the late stages of the first half. It took us around 35 minutes in that match to realize what was going on and to try to get back into the game, the players had to play triple their abilities to get back and to finish the match on top, winning the game (74-67), and winning the title for the 6th time in a row, and the 9th over the years.
Manama will be looking at the playoffs eager to win it as it is their only chance to get to go for a tournament outside Bahrain that is the GCC Cup next season. They are to play Hala in the semifinals in a best of three games series. So BE PREPARED Hala, and whoever are we going to face in the finals, and FANS Be READY to CELIBRATE another great conclusion to this season. We are also looking forward for our Superstar Shery to be back in action next season and sincerely wishing him to get well soon, as we really missed him during the current season..

April 17, 2001

GCC Is Here!

At Last, the ultimate challenge for Manama, GCC in Bahrain for the first time since Manama last clinched its title back in 1994.Of  course, nobody would settle for anything less than that. The team's first match in the tournament was against Ahli from the UAE. The team was clearly out of form as the pressure was just more than what the players can take. Even the return of the veterans Nooh and Shery couldn't get the team to calmness. However Mash took over most of the game making numerous lethal and critical moves on the offence. Mash- 22pts and 8 rbds- was the most in-form player in the team. The Nooh-Shery combination added another 22pts, 12 rbds together, as the team made it pass the opponents, only in the last moments of a very tight game, as Qaheri made a couple of decisive free throw shots in the dying seconds. Manama will be facing Rayyan from Qatar next, knowing that they've lost their first game against Kuwait, they would be coming strongly against Manama, as another defeat would put them out of it. The Championship showed six tough teams, and by now Coach Salman and the boys know that it's not going to be easy, as most critics have put Khabura, Ahli and Kuwait out of the title race. Click Here for Details.

December 25, 2000

Ahli! No longer a threat!!

Manama faced no problems at all defeating Ahli in their opposition last Saturday. The players came in confident and determined to win a game which many newspapers called the ultimate clash because of the unbeaten records of both teams. However, it turned out not to be that way, as Mammadi, Shery and Mash simply refused to keep the game close, great defense and even better offence gave Manama the easy way to victory. Manama's No 6 (17 pts) took control in the first half (50/34), before spraining his ankle in the 3rd quarter, while Shery boosted Manama with 6 three pointers all in the second half. Qaheri has proved that he really is back to the good old days performance ( 11pts, 8 ast), and Mash was always there. The youngster Yaqoob showed some good moves, Soofi & Mahdi were good in periods, specially in the rebounding and the defensive game, outplaying Ahli's Hussain Moh'd who is used to be a national player, and holding him back. Ahli was hopeless to get back into the game as they went for the outside shooting after failing to breakthrough a well organized defensive team thanks to Headcoach Salman Ramadan.  Look at game stats

December 11, 2000

What a comeback!!

The fans were filled with excitement and joy that some just couldn't take after the team came back from the dead and won the game from nothing. The team were taken by surprise as the new shaped Hala brought in 4 players in the summer break preparations, Qadesiya's veteran Moh'd Salem, Sirta's usual top scorer Sadeq, and another two from Ras-Romman and Muharraq. Hala were boosted by the additions as they now have more than a handful of dependable shooters that can change any game at any time. That was the story in the beginning as they were all on fire, building a lead that was too much, but Manama stood close and lowered the difference near the end of the first quarter (21/23). Second period was not as good as the opponents kept their momentum and Manama dropped it, and Hala finished the first half (39/53). Second half however was different, as Manama came in confident and pushing forward forcing the opponents to make mistakes and taking advantage of them, and stopped giving their shooters any more open shoots which drowned them as they couldn't match our inside game nor our rebounding (53 rebds in total). Mammadi was as great as ever. Shery added another magnificent game to his tally (17pts 22 rbds) and Mash took control when it came to fast breaks (24 pts). Soofi and Mahdi were mgreat as well adding 8 rbds each, while Qaheri is showing that he is getting back to his great form (9 pts, 3 stls and 12asts). The score shows how Manama turned the game in the second half (54/33).  Look at game stats

Jun 30, 2000

We are the Champions!!

A star became a superstar, a kid became a man. Mammadi is legit, and he proved it on the League's biggest stage. In a performance that shocked almost everyone, he displayed why he is a regular in the team's starting lineup. The 21-year old took over when some of the bigger stars could not perform to their usual form, taking charge of the team, making important lay-ups, and drawing fouls from the opponents. The way he played covered for his ejection from the game with five fouls, late in the second half, scoring 16 pts.
Nooh made up for what he missed in the past two games, as even though he was injured, he displayed what a team's leader should be able of performing, he was always there even when his younger brother Mammadi- the game's Man of the Match- was on the bench for the foul trouble situation he had. Nooh insisted on winning this game, he was scoring, rebounding, stealing and blocking balls coming from the opponents, Nooh lead the team in both scoring (19pts) and rebounding (11), he also blocked two of Muharraq's shots.
Shery was obviously suffering from exhaustion, and having his backache problems throughout the game. The efforts Shery gave in the previous two games was just too much, as he played a major part in both. However, his influence was always there, spreading confidence between the team's players, and making the opponents fear what was to be expected by him. Furthermore, he made a number of essential and decisive baskets, which made the difference for the team, Shery ended up with 12 pts and an outstanding 7 rebds.
Mash was a player to depend on, he for himself shined on different intervals in the game, opening the score for the team with a three-pointer, and scoring a number of points (13 pts) from the fast breaks the team had during the game. Yaqoub did it once again, when on court he kept calm, making big plays, assists, and scoring. He scored 8 pts and grabbed 6 rebds.

Manama won the game, after a very close matched game against Muharraq, and accomplished what was thought to be really difficult. After losing game one, the managed to gather themselves back together, maintaining their confidence, and making it happen. They pulled a game back, tying the series 1-1, before winning the final game last night.
The game started slow with both teams showing hesitation and fear from the opponent, and the score was really low in the first five minutes. Everything changed later on as it turned to be a strong encounter, with both teams digging their teeth into it to move ahead of the other. The teams exchanged taking the lead till the end of the first half, which ended with a score of 33-33.
The second half had a different story as Manama took the opponents by surprise and took the lead and worked on adding to it, for the rest of the second period. Muharraq had 3 of their key players on foul trouble with 4 fouls each, Manama also had three players with foul trouble, Mash 3, Shery 3, Mammadi 4. However, both teams managed to keep calm and specially Manama, who their Head coach Salman, made the best out of his timeouts and substitutions, to keep his players for as long as possible. Manama's defense then played an important role in turning the game around, and making the game come their way. Manama's supporters were great, gathering hours before the match in the game venue, singing their lovely songs supporting the team, the club also had some ads in the dome showing their support for H.H. the Amir, the ruling family and our precious beloved Bahrain. Our supporters covered almost 85% of the dome, making their voices heard. The club held a special celebration party in the club's headquarters, there was music and celebration till late last night.

Manama made it pass all what they've been through. This was a really lengthy, crowded and difficult season for the team, playing in 4 major competitions, and what a dramatic finishing for it, winning the league title for the fourth time in a row, and for a record 10 times, equaling Ahli's record. Adding the Cup title to it, which was won earlier in the season, Second place in Jeddah in GCC championship, and placed third in the Asian Championships. Another successful season is over and the team will keep it coming, hopefully for years to come.