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Name:  Yaqoub Yousef
Position:  F
Height:  186 cm
Weight:  68 kg
Date of Birth:  Jul 27, 1981
Joined Club:  1988
With Club's first team Since:  1997
 Local Achievements: 
League Titles:  6
Cup Titles:  5
GCC:  4 participations, won 1.
U-20:  GCC: 1999

Starting his career as a player for both Handball and Basketball for the club at the age of 7, Nobody would be surprised if this player shows good performance. A player with great sole, fast learning is another characteristic of his and he is still with the U-20 team. Playing for the first team at 16 was another challenge for him, passing it with all the means of superiority, he has shown no fear to go up against a number of experienced players in Bahrain both offensively and defensively. He is the younger brother of Soofi.