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Name:  A.Majid Ali    "Shahram"
Position:  F
Height:  196 cm
Weight:  82 kg
Date of Birth:   Jun 9, 1971
Joined Club:  1976
With Club's first team Since:  1986
 Local Achievements: 
League Titles:  11
Cup Titles:  8
GCC:  10 participations, won 2.
U-12:   GCC 1983, 1984
U-20:  GCC 1989
Men:  GCC: 1987, 1992, 1996, 2000
ASIA: 1990, 1997, 1999
Friendly: 1989, 1999
Awards:  All-Star Bahrain 1991-1992, 
All-Star Asia 1998, 
1997 Asian Men Championship and 1992,1993,1994 GCC Club Leading Scorer.
MVP in 1992 GCC Men Champs, 2nd MVP 1997 Asian Men Champs.
Best 3-Pointer 1996 GCC Mens Champs., 3rd Best 1997 Asian Men Champs.
MVP and Leading scorer in a number of Matches in Asian Club Champs., 2000.

Shery is a legendary player in Bahrain. He has built himself a very good reputation all around Asia for he is one of the most talented and experienced non-professional basketball player in the continent. Starting with Manama's first team at the age of 15, he immediately made an impact on the teams performance, marking the berth of a new star that a lot of hopes were put upon. Ever since then he is well known for his three pointers, shooting in general, dribbling, speed, quickness, inside driving, defense, rebounding, stealing, and most importantly his calmness and sportsmanship. At the early stages of his long career, injury went for him, Backache problems and knee injury were his major. However, Shahram never gave up, standing at the face of those injuries coming back from each of them ever stronger and more eager to win championships. He is a real hero.
Shery also got a number of opportunities to play both abroad and in Bahrain as a Professional Basketball player, but was unfortunate and the negotiations were unsuccessful as several teams' agents were and still interested in signing him.