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Name:  Mahmood Nowrooz   "Mash"
Position:  F
Height:  186 cm
Weight:  75 kg
Date of Birth:  Feb 21, 1979
Joined Club:  1987
With Club's first team Since:  1995
 Local Achievements: 
League Titles:  6
Cup Titles:  6
GCC:  5 participations, won 1.
Men:  ASIA: 1999
Friendly: 1999
GCC: 2000

Mash is the new version of Shery. They're cousins, sharing the same style of play. Mash has forced everyone to believe in his abilities ever since he started playing for the club, he went through all the different junior squads in the club, getting himself promoted to the higher squad all the way to the first team. No one had doubts that he is going to say his word on court even though he was 16 when he played with the big guys. As his cousin Mash is known for the 3pt game, plus his speed and quickness that he effectively implemented in his fast breakers. Mash is expected to have a real bright future with the team and the national squad.