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Name:  Salman Ramadan
Position:  Head Coach
Date of Birth:  1959
Joined Club:  1978
 Local Achievements: 
Titles as assistant coach:  U-17: 0, U-20: 0, Men: 7
Titles as Head Coach:  U-17: 4, U-20: 4, Men: 12
GCC:  7 participations, won 1.
Men:  ass. : 1991
Head: 1997-1999
Teams Managed:   Manama and National team of Bahrain

Salman has a great amount of experience, although starting his athletic career as a Soccer player, he turned out to be a coach of his generation. He kept calm, not rushing into the coaching matter, he remained satisfied with the teams second man assisting the coaches for years, learning from them, and gathering more information about the game and coaching techniques. Manama didn't realize what they had in him, until it was 1995 when they ran out of choices Manama thought of giving him the chance. Salman took full advantage of that showing great experience and achieving magnificent numbers, as he lead the team to the championship following the other, he is also known for building the future generation for Manama.