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Name:  Nader Assiri
Position:  F
Height:  181 cm
Weight:  84 kg
Date of Birth:  Apr 11, 1968
Joined Club:  1982
With Club's first team Since:  1984
Local Achievements: 
League Titles:  7
Cup Titles:  4
GCC:  6 participations, won 1.
U-20:  ARAB 1986
Men:  ASIA: 1991
Awards:  All-Star Bahrain 1991-1992, 

Nader was a great player, specially known for his defense, and his rebounding as he had a respectful amount of stamina and jumping ability, he had also a strong physical body helping him in the physical role he has been given by most of the coaches that trained Manama. He played a major part in the 1994 GCC cup that Manama won, and the rest of the trophies the club won. He left basketball for a whole season during his career, for personal reasons, but he came back even stronger. Nader retired at the early age of 28, due to problems in coordinating between his profession and playing basketball UNFORTUNATELY.