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Name:  Ayman A.Reza
Position:  G
Height:  173 cm
Weight:  55 kg
Date of Birth:  Jan 21, 1982
Joined Club:  1992
With Club's first team Since:  1998
 Local Achievements: 
League Titles:  3
Cup Titles:  4
GCC:  2 participation.
U-20:  ASIA: 1999
GCC: 1998

Ayman plays as point guard. He is known in his games with the youth teams in the club for his quickness, speed, passing, dribbling and shooting. Overcoming his height problem, he has shown great courage in penetrating and going up for lay-ups against the giant players of the opponents. Already played for the national team but still not for the first team, he is a junior that we should always expect something from.